How do you get back with an ex?

i no a lot of people are gonna think I'm stupid for asking this but I'm serious. its been a while since I ended because I was mad at her. we haven't really talked since then. I know she has feelings for me and I still have them for her but I don't know how to pick up from where we had been


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  • hey

    i think that's cute that you want ur ex back.:) I'm still waiting for my ex to come back to me :'( .. but that's not the point,

    its really simple .. if it was over a fight then jst call her , ask her to go out to some place nice so you can talk then if you really want her tell her that you made a mistake and you should promise her that you will not do it again ( AND MEAN IT)! or ur relationship won't work again , any second chance based on the same way as the first then its meant to fail too.

    and if she still has feelings for you I'm sure she'll give you another chance.. all you have to do to be honest .

    good luck :):)


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