How can I nicely dump my boyfriend?

We’ve been dating for five years, but I never really loved him. I think I was just infatuated, as he was my first serious boyfriend. However, any feeling I once had for him was gone soon after our first year together. Not because he was a bad person; I just grew tired of having him around. I don’t even know why I got tired of him – maybe because he’s always so nice and ultra boring. So I started to sleep with other guys. I didn’t want it to be an ongoing thing, but it’s been happening for the last four years. I’ve never had the courage to tell him we should break up. I obviously haven’t told him anything about those other guys I’ve fucked either.

This whole situation wasn’t a problem until two weeks ago, when I found out through a close friend of ours that he’s thinking about proposing. The problem is that, as I have never dumped anyone before, I don’t know how to do it now, and I have to dump him soon. I can’t ask my friends for help either because they’re the kind of people that won’t stop bothering me until I tell them the truth. And if I tell them the truth, they’ll probably shun me for the rest of my life.
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Anyone with a valid answer?
How can I nicely dump my boyfriend?
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