When you lose Faith on people?

i broke up with my last girlfriend from w years ago.
already i have trust issues with people but after her its worse. what would you do?


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  • You never really get over it. Sometimes you skate by through life and may even be the happiest you've ever been then out of no where you realize you are more damaged than you thought. Its happening to me right now. I was dumped after a few years, never really dealt with breakup. Its been 12 years and I've married since and when I ran into my ex, I felt hurt, rejection and anger. So naturally it forced me to reflect on my past and I realized, I have trust issues because of my ex. I've built a beautiful life, didn't think of him that often then all of a sudden, out of no where, these trust issues start to surface. I think once your burnt, there's no healing 100%. If you can find someone who is good to you, loves you and is willing to accept that you have trust issues, then hang on to them. My husband is that person. What kills me most is I can't give him 100% of me because he stole that from me. Live your life, do beautiful things, cherish the onee who love you and know that its ok to not be perfect. We are all human.

    • yeah that's my feelings
      there is a part i can't get it back.
      thanks a lot for sharing your experience with me.
      i hope the best for you ❤

    • Thank you. Just know it does get better. I promise.

    • i hope ❤

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  • I'm going through the same thing you are. I'm keeping myself restricted to a close group of people and keeping my feelings/intentions close to my chest.


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  • pray

    • thank you.
      but i'm not a big believer

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    • new view
      thank you ❤

  • take it slow, it's ok to be hurt just know that there are bad and good people and you just have to be optimistic about finding the good ones

    • i know that
      but with my depression and anxiety, it's a hard thing to do

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    • don't give up, it's hard but you'll get out of the circle if you keep trying. I hope things get better for you

    • thank you ❤❤

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