Mutual Breakups Stories?

so around 6 months ago my boyfriend and I decided to break things off cuz we were both kinda unhappy dealing with the long distance relationship we were both off to different university's. but we decided to remain friends. the night we ended things we Skyped and he asked me if I would need some time off like to space out or just keep on talking like normal friends do. I definitely needed space so I didn't talk to him for about a month but during those 6 months we talked on the phone for at least 3 times just to catch up and stuff. We met up for the first time after the breakup at high school reunion party, but barely spoke to each other just hi and bye. The next day he ended up messaging me asking about how life's going. Now we're off to our summer break and we officially went out together as friends. And few weeks later he asks to hang out again. I know that I'm over him But like a bit of feelings r still there cuz we were both each other's first relationship. So my question is if anyone still kept contact with their exes a few weeks or months after the break up and how is your friendship like now?


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  • You have to decide what you want to do. Do you think the relationship will be any different if you go back with him? If you broke up, it was for a reason, right? I'd keep some distance until I can clear my feelings and decide what do I really want to do about that relationship. Consider what would be the most realistic and healthiest solution for you. That, that willmake you happy.


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