Who broke your heart?

Almost everyone has had that one person in their life that completely crushed them. What's your story?

Mine was a girl that I dated for just 2 weeks. After our first date I thought to myself that I finally found the girl I've been looking for for all these years because we connected that well. She said all the right stuff and was so incredibly into me, even saying she was falling for me on our 3rd date. I've never had a girl be that into me before, she's the only girl that could completely melt me just by looking into my eyes. Then she went ice cold at a snap of a finger for absolutely no reason other than her not knowing what she wanted/used me to fill a void in her life after her recent breakup. I've had long term relationships in the past and have even been cheated on while still in love, but she hurt me the most.


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  • Dated a guy for like a month and a half, didn't work out but I still wanted to try making it work. Few months later we ended up being friends. Feelings were still involved and he was also my bestfriend. He told me about how he had sex with someone during our breakup and it turned into an argument and he said things he shouldn't have to "get back at me" my heart broke that night. I was ready to let go and told him in detail why... he finally decided to act right but drama happened and his true colors came out like a week later after insisting that he wanted to be friends. He disrespected me publicly, put me on a platform to be talked about and laughed at. Etc. for some reason, I wanted to work things out and reached out to him and he did the same thing. That's when I finally got over him and realized it was never me that was the issue... it was him.

    • Yea when it comes to unstable inmature people like that the best thing you can do is just concentrate on your actions and if you really didn't do anything wrong then fuck it, that person let you down and that person doesn't deserve you because they're too immature to be in an adult relationship. You dodged a bullet even if it doesn't feel like it

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  • Mine was a girl I met, we were friends first and then we got together for about a month then she moved to Hawaii. We stayed to get her trying to make a long distance relationship work but after two months I was having the hardest time. So I decided to uproot I bought a plane ticket and left everything behind. I asked a friend of mine for a ride over the pass to the airport but we broke down halfway there in the worst snow storm and I was sick with the flu. We stayed the night in a hotel and I missed my flight. I ended up hitch hiking over the pass to SeaTac airport where I stayed the night, sleeping on the floor of the terminal. I didn't have a ticket and no money. I wasn't sure how I was going to get to her until my sister called the next day and Lent me the money to get a ticket to hawaii. I made it to Hawaii

    • find her, brought her back to Washington and married her. After being together for 10 years she left me. I have never loved anyone as much as I loved her. It's been two years and I still don't have any want still to be with anyone else. She still say she loves me more than anyone she's ever known and she says I'm perfect but she can't be with me. I thought we were the perfect couple. I guess I was wrong. I thought she was my soul mate I don't know if I will ever love another

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  • Some guy I was really close friends with and had a "thing". But he never wanted to date me the whole time even though we both liked each other. Got lead on a whole year until me and him decided to be apart. Lmao.

    • Going to be brutally honest here, but that guy never liked you, maybe he did a bit but not really. He was just too much of a wuss to be honest with you and was trting to be nice not to hurt your feelings. Sorry you got lead on, it's such a shit experience.

  • was in a relationship with this guy since like four years and in these four years he broke up with me twice because he was just too ''depressed'' and I was just making it worse by fighting. after the first break up we talked it out and got back together he changed his mind and loved and cared for me more than ever. everything was going great but after a year and a half (one week ago) our mutual friends had a fight it was a serious one. it kinda included our relationship and his friend maybe just said sone bad things about me so within a month he changed his mind and started to tell me he's not sure about the relationship I fought with him and told him to just break up with me because he always keeps a door open for himself by saying I dont know what the future holds but right now he doesn't want this. so he broke up with me and said he'll never change his mind and he now says to his friends that he'll stay single forever and he'll die single. he is considering hinself a victim in all this. while its mostly his fault. the last text I sent hin he didn't respond. I'm not even sure if he ever loved me or did he just pretend to love me for all these years. maybe he needs some space I don't know if he'll come back. its sad. I'm sad and I feel betrayed.. he always takes his anger out on me. hebwas head over heels for me about a month ago but now he just brpke up with me. so I dont k ow if he's even feeling a bit regret after doing this.

  • My first love died when I was 17 💔💔💔💔

    • we need details

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    • I would never have asked for details if I read it properly, that's not a box I wanted to open.

    • yea it is, I swear I'm not an insensitive monster hahaha

  • Mine is literally almost your exact situation. Found the perfect guy, clicked so quickly, he was very into me, I was so into him, I literally could see myself with him in the long term (I don't do relationships that often) and he suddenly became distant and freaked out that we might be going too fast and he said he wasn't sure he was ready for a relationship like that and broke things off after only about a month. Shit hurts, man.

    • it really does, its the whole shock of the thing really because it's so unexpected. Like when my ex cheated, yea I was in love with her, but deep down inside I knew she was a hoe and when she cheated I just thought what a bitch and grieved the loss of the person I knew never existed. This other girl though really fucked me up mentally. She was telling me how she wanted me to stay with her forever how she wanted to have my kids just full blown you're the perfect guy I never want to lose you type of attitude. You should look up bpd, my girl had it and it explains everything.

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