Who broke your heart?

Almost everyone has had that one person in their life that completely crushed them. What's your story?

Mine was a girl that I dated for just 2 weeks. After our first date I thought to myself that I finally found the girl I've been looking for for all these years because we connected that well. She said all the right stuff and was so incredibly into me, even saying she was falling for me on our 3rd date. I've never had a girl be that into me before, she's the only girl that could completely melt me just by looking into my eyes. Then she went ice cold at a snap of a finger for absolutely no reason other than her not knowing what she wanted/used me to fill a void in her life after her recent breakup. I've had long term relationships in the past and have even been cheated on while still in love, but she hurt me the most.
Who broke your heart?
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