Girls, Read below. girls have you ever loved a ex or still had feeling for him but happy moved on with someone new?

The break,
11 months into our relationship Her parents forced us to break up over a very small argument, made it impossible for us to talk or even hang out.
Our relationship before the break up could have been so much better but If not for her parents stress us out so much we blamed each other for them controlling us.

My ex let them control everything did in our relationship and told them way to much information about us. if I tried saying anything she would say they are my parents I have to respected them even if I hate this so much. we won't allowed outside of her house unless one of her family member's took us out someone where. Even through we felt like birds in a cage we had some happy memories and tried making it work. Both me and my ex were big doctor who fans and would talk for hours about bull shit.. she would call em Rory n I called her rose instead of Amy lol.

the break up was pretty bad. Mx cried for 3 months couldn't eat blamed me for everything that was going on. I won't go into detail

I have 3 main question.
1. Girls have you ever let go of a guy you really liked because your family made it impossible to be with them?
2. Have you ever happy moved on even through you stil loved your ex?
3. Have you you force yourself to belive you were happy with a guy when you really won't?
I use to hear so many bad stories from my ex about her current boyfriend and from friends of ours till l blocked them for not respecting my wishes.

I am thinking of trying to be friends with my ex too fix any issues I may have in with myself.
I am happy with my new girlfriend but she can't make me feel the sparks my ex did. my current girlfriend is perfect I kill anyone who would try hurting her so she's not the problem. You ever hear a girl say she dump a guy because she thought she couldn't have the best of both world? the crazy spark and the happniest at the same time? You had to pick bewteen the two but can't pick both.


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  • Anyone can still love their ex but it doesn't necessarily mean that they will want to get back with you. I feel like it is very possible to keep a form and sense of love for someone if it was a mutual break up or a situation like this. They can be with someone new and love them but still have a form of love for you as well, but again, it doesn't mean they are going to want to return to you.
    You can love someone new and love the person they are with now, and still care for you too... it will just be a different form of love.

    • Yes I argree and I don't expected her to ever come back, she doesn't say a word when we bump into each other just stares at me so much still care for me but has moved on. We both have moved on top new people

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