Still confused about break up. Can I have help?

She broke up with me just over 4 months ago. We dated 4 months. It feels strange that our break up is longer than our relationship. I can still remember that day. We both cried a lot she said she wasn't feeling it anymore and she needed to find herself. I know that school was starting and her grades slipped when she was dating me. I just feel like someone got into her head about it. We work together and she sometimes looks at me and we talked a little last week and I made her laugh. I feel like I did things wrong during the relationship and I feel like texting her to thank her for everything she has done for me and to apologize for things I think I did wrong. I want her back in my life. Help.


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  • Take it slow. Like you're approaching her for the very first time. Keep conversations minimal and light. Making her laugh is ALWAYS a good thing. Do not say u miss her, do not bring up anything relationship related. If she still has feelings for you too, she will invite you back around her again. But baby steps.

    • She deleted me off of everything but Facebook but still has pictures of us on Facebook. Last week I brought get a Gatorade at work and she said that she really appreciated that.

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    • But she is only 21 and I knew she is not ready and I am not. I was just so happy with her

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  • The worst thing you can do is to keep texting her or calling her and stuff.
    If she calls you, text you or even go to see you then respond.

    If you want her back and you still love her give her some time as she asked you. after a while maybe she will come back with you. Or if not then search for her but after giving her some time and explain to her that you can't go on without her in life that you need her etc. Hope it works again really

    • It happened so fast. We were fine 6 days before and the day she broke up with me was the first day of class for her. We were so happy together.

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    • then keep meeting her and stuff... but not often or else maybe you can loose her

    • I think I just see a lot of people I graduated high school with that are having a good career, having a good relationship, getting married or having kids. I feel like I am not close to that. I had a great girl that I really loved and I blew it. I feel stupid.

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