My girlfriend doesn't seem to care about me. what do I do?

My girlfriend was so stressed out with exams I didn't revise just so that I could call her and comfort her. now I've got one big exam left, she's finished hers and she just doesn't care. I talked to her about it and she just changes the subject. she's been talking to her ex recently who she claims to hate but she keeps talking to him and he keeps trying to chat her up saying things like how he misses her. I'm getting really worried and tomorrow she is going to see my best friend who she doesn't know very well. they've been texting and I know she's been texting him more than she's been texting me and I'm really worried. I love her so much but I feel like she just doesn't care about me at all. even when she does talk to me she will stop texting after a while because she gets bored. she only talks about boring things like I'll ask her what she's doing and she'll say "nm u?" and all her texts are just like that. we've been going out for about 3 months now. what to I do?
turns out she didn't care about me... she saw me as a friend and dumped me today by text


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  • well she wasn't worth it then, you will fine someone, there are plenty of nice women out there you will do just fine

  • i will be honest with you here, you love her just after 3 months? how long have you know her beforehand? I hate to say it but it seems like she is one of these lassies that meets someone, gets bored and moves onto the next guy that shows her a little bit of attention. if I were you I would ask her what's going on and if she acts weird then obv something is going on. but why tie yourself down to a lassie like this when there are plenty of others out there that will love you in return. I have been in a similar case and I just walked away and I have to say it was the best thing I ever done, yes I do agree it was very hard the first few weeks but after a while it gets soo much easier and you will then realise that your better than her and that you deserve so much better. :)

    • No she's not like that. she's had 2 bfs. me and her ex but she got pressured into going out with her ex which is the only reason she did it. I have known her for about a year now. I really like her and I don't want to break up I want to know what I can do to understand why she's doing this. I spoke to her and she just said that it was because of exams but they're over now and she's still being weird with me

    • Then the best thing to do is don't give up hope, keep in contact with her, tell her you love her, support her, make her feel special and she might come out of this phase. talk to her, she might be going through a rough phase or not feeling right recently or even worried about her exams. just make sure your there to suporrt her and make her feel loved

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