Social media mind games?

So I was seeing this guy for a few months, things moved quickly but it was mostly on his side (him being the one implying a relationship etc) he then went through something horrible and that's when things started to go downhill he would ignore me for days and then apologise, tell me he missed me but then act the complete opposite when I'd see him. I then got the hint and sent him a text to say I knew he felt differently about me. He said he didn't know what happened and things were moving too quickly and he wasn't ready (even tho that was all him) we haven't talked since and it's been over a week.. now he's playing more games like not looking at my Snapchat story until I looked at his and then deleted me. I don't understand what happened


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  • It sounds like he's messing with you. Maybe it's better to get rid of him asap.


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