Girls, Woman with boyfriend is confusing me?

So everyday I started to see this woman on the train home, and I thought she was kind of hot and would sneak glances , she would just stare at me back and not look away so I got out off and never approached, but then we would always glance and she started to pay more attention to me, but on other days blank me, so then I would not bother and she would start staring, copying my actions, randomly get dressed up , and stare at me whilst she sees me walking to the stop after work. So we never approached my hours changed and I would only get on every few weeks, then I would catch her day dreaming and she would light up if I randomly appear. So every few months I would see her and she would always notice me then she sometimes would make excuses to make small talk but other times not so I never made moves but I kept disappearing for months due to commitments and would sit opposite her and she would tilt her head and look at me smiling making me nervous then she would just stare at the ground. ans then another time she stuck her named travel card in my face after the warden came. again did nothing and disappeared then when she saw me again I stopped standing near her and she would always walk passed before our stop and say hi. So I left it for months and then came back to maybe ask her out and I seen her with her long distance boyfriend he suprised her by coming to stay and she seen me and her face turned bright red. so I at first thought I left it to late but she was with him the whole time in a long distance relationship. I was joking with a friend and liked a few of her Facebook photos without adding her and her nf found out. The day after her boyfriend kept looking and she was waiting for him and smiling at me. So I ignored it and he seen me and appeared on my part of the train whilst he looked away she stood staring at me with a huge smile until he looked back straight after i got off and he must of made her choose to block me and send me a message
saying my boyfriend is aware and just because I seen her doesn't mean I can approach her. which is clearly his doing because her message is rubbish and she only done it after he seen me lingering on the train the day after.
so after 3 weeks I messaged her explaining why I hadn't introduce s my self k that I was meaning to but kept disappearing due to work n that I respect her wishes maybe in tge future we can get to know each other n that I didn't mean to cause her a problem. I seen her likev3? weeks after and again she went red in the face and kept looking at me, like she was stressed about something. So overall I'm kind of confused why she seemed very interested trying to approach now all embarrassed was I wrong?


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  • "she stuck her named travel card in my face"

    what the hell kinda introduction is that?

    Guess she didn't intend on tellin you about or leaving her boyfriend for you.
    She was just being flirtatious and enjoy the attention she was getting from you.

    • possibly, but even after months of not seeing me I would keep my distance and she would stare out if confusion the whole trip then purposely walk past to say hi but blush real bad etc this was happening for about a year I never bithered to make my move. I know she was with him but they in a long distance relationship and I heard they ain't close n they're always arguing, I know the end result is my fault I should of just introduced myself and learned more about her first hand. howecer I don't understand cuz it's clear she wanted sonething seeing as I backed off and she pursued.

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    • True, maybe not happy and afraid to leave him and trying to set up a transition guy.

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