Ex or new girl?

I think I want to be with my ex who I can say for sure I love. At the same time I've been talking to this other girl that is real cool and I have a connection with. Today this girl tells me she really likes me and asked me if I wanted to take things a little further. I'm stuck. I know I love my ex, but I feel like I'm in too far now with the other girl

The new girl that seemed so cool totally pulled a 180. Today on good ole Facebook as we are talking she randomly tells me that she got a new boyfriend, like we had no connection or anything. So I guess that option is gone. Kind of a huge slap in my face
This is awful, not only did the new girl get a new bf, but my ex called me to cancel plans tomorrow. Why, she wants to hang out with her girlfriend. WTF! this sucks so bad, I don't get her sometimes.


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  • I am in the same position as you. I guess it depends on why ur ex is called ur ex... if you guys are truly in love then why not try to take a break from each other and see other people? Nothing drastic.. But if its true love then you guys should absolutly feel the need tobe with the other and she should be the person you think about.. and she should feel the same way. this is what my boyfriend and I tried and it turned out we couldn't stand not talking to each other and we couldn't even think about anyone else:} so mabe you guys just need a break.. and if it doesn't work out like that then I say go for the other girl. lol

    • Thanks for the help but, it was for nothing

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  • every girl needs to hang with their girlfriends sometimes I say just give it some time and hope for the best

    • When I say girlfriend I mean they are dating

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  • go with your heart...how does your ex feel towards you? does she still love you? would she get back with you? what ended your relationship? how was your relationship?...these are questions you want to ask yourself before getting back with your ex...is it worth it? id say give it a shot with the new girl and see how your ex reacts,id def try with this new girl...see if she treats you better

    good luck

  • bro CUT CONTACT WITH YOUR EX...or at least leave it to minimal...when she calls...dont answer...call her back an hour later...when she texts...text back 15-20 min later...show her you have a life besides her adn that you are staying busy...go to the gym to pass the time - this will make you feel and look better...it will also boost your self confidence...please dotn let either of these girls drag you down...stop letting them play games with you...stop giving in to your ex, show her that you have a lief and that you won't be there for her all the time anymore - be cause you shouldnt...grow a pair, stand ur ground, be strong, keep ur head up...honestly man this is for your own good...the ex needs to see what life is like w/o you or she'll take you for granted and alwasy assume you'll be there for her...she needs to feel that feeling of her losing you to realize what you mean to her...

    • Ive honestly never thought about it like that. thnx for sayin that. really made me realize a few things

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