My ex sent me a text saying ' sure' what does that mean? What do I respond?

This is the text I sent him-
I understand what you're trying to say however that was never my intention I made that clear from the start, I didn't expect you to welcome me with open arms and make me your girlfriend, just to be civil with each other and be friends, in time. As opposed to harbouring negative feelings and resentment. You're really misunderstanding me, I'm not here to interfere with your life. I know what I say to you has very little affect or value to your life, but those times you heard that was when I was the old me, I never fully understood or grew up UNTIL I had time apart from you and was able to reflect properly. Please understand that, I can't stress that enough.. I came here with a genuine and concerted effort to make amends. I really care. I know that these things take time, to reconnect and try to gradually be on a better page, I just wanted a chance to make things right and to try
Please don't say ignore, as that won't achieve anything. Communication is key


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  • guys can be stubborn and even when they want to say a whole paragraph they don't they say one word. I guess it makes them feel in control and the best way I can say is like they matter. if he didn't want to talk he wouldn't respond. he wants to talk he's jus being stubborn n likes the way it feels. girls love being chased after arguing n fighting I know I've done plenty of chasing but every once in a while it's nice to know that you care the same. I've done the same thing with my ex I wanted to talk n she'd try so hard to work shit out but I'd jus be a stubborn prick n looking back I shouldn't of done that to her but at that time your not thinking about that you jus wanna feel like you matter. like I said if he didn't wanna talk n wanted space he wouldn't respond n maybe block you or whatever.

    • Yeah I understand, he used to block me and not respond but he actually responds now so I'm not sure if it's a good thing. I chase a lot and I'm really persistent only because I don't want to lose what's important to me, I wouldn't be making this much effort if I didn't care. I know I messed up but so did he, I know I'm responsible for my own actions, however I acknowledged my mistakes and learned from them. I very honestly and sincerly apologised yet I never received any apology from him, yet he picks on how I'm the bad person and that I'm entirely to blame for the downfall of our relationship. I don't know what else I can do to convience him, I have changed and I'm so committed to making it work, lol I'm trying this hard just to be civil/friends like it's insane... he is being stubborn and he refuses to accept or listen and I keep having to repeat myself. I don't know what the best thing to say is... I really don't want to lose him

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    • I think you gotta follow me or something I can't send a message since your anonymous so follow me n I'll be able to.

    • I did follow you, kindgirl

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  • Sending "sure" as a reply to your heartfelt text? This guy isn't ready to make nice with you right now. Anyone who sends a laconic text like that wants to be left alone, in general.
    I suggest the following:
    -Leave him alone for now, let him contact you only when he's ready, since he's obviously heard your feelings on the matter, now it's just a matter of time for him to reconcile with himself. He may or may not ever do this, but it's worth a shot. You may have known him awhile but you can't force yourself back into someone's life just because you have good intentions at heart.

    You've told him how you felt already. If you keep on, it might make you annoying to him.

    • Yeah I know I understand however this is after I gave him months of space so i can't understand why he still is holding onto my past. I understand things take time as I mentioned but it seems like we keep going around in circles and I'm tired of repeating myself. So what's the best response? how is this for a response. 'Well when you figure it out, let me know' I don't know I wanted to add something better

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    • Jeez... This is such a complicated situation. I really feel for you, I do, but I'm running out of suggestions. I don't mind listening to your story ma'am, but the more and more I read everything that keeps happening, the more I feel like most people would have given up by now. This is a long distance thing, right? I have a feeling things wouldn't be this complicated if you lived in the same town as each other-- being in person has a habit of changing how people react. Sending messages all day can be cumbersome at times.
      He's in denial about some things and seems to keep changing his mind on what he wants you to be to him. Either way, he's given you at least one solid answer by now: he doesn't want to date because he's been hurt. Obviously you don't WANT to hurt him, but that's not enough to convince him.
      Don't you ever feel like he's just stringing you along?

    • Maybe he's right, he's too immature to date you right now, you're obviously much more infatuated with him than he is with you. And I really feel bad about that, for you.. You give your all and barely make any progress. As it stands, I don't see a favorable outlook at the moment. One day, he's either going to accept you or tell you to quit trying. Any answer would be nice, I'm sure..
      You certainly didn't pick an easy guy to fall for. :( I wish a happy ending for all of this. I really do.

  • Sure means sure!


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  • little short reply "sure" means he read text, a bit here... a bit there... but didn't make any effort to understand ^^

    • So what should I say back

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    • Well actually all of his messages have been big long paragraphs, I have already given him space for months so that's the reason I reconnect. I was just looking for advice and how to text back

    • oky... honest honest opinion, maybe he is not interested and it can't be helped since you try your best (longest) with words and he tries his littlest 😐
      don't ignore oky but what to do... don't stress yourself either when not worth umm
      maybe I'm little for my age to give advice but this is easy to understand ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • you're trying too hard and that is making you a big nothing in his life.

    • to suchh a longg text he replied ''sure'' it means he wants you to take a hint already and leave him alone.

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    • So what should I say? ' You know how much I care about you, otherwise I wouldn't be doing this and making this much effort. I don't lose sight of what is important to me. We both made mistakes. It wasn't supposed to end like this, you know that. Take your time and think about it and when you've figured it out, let me know'

    • yes this sounds about right. send him this and then let him be. he'll surely think about it. it may take some time but he'll come back to senses hun.

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