It's my birthday, am I overreacting?

So I've been dating a guy for two months and he's officially my boyfriend. Today is my birthday and he has a cold. We had plans to go out to dinner and a comedy show tonight with some friends, and he says he doesn't feel like going. Which I could understand. However, he hasn't told me Happy Birthday at all even once, hasn't said anything along the lines of "sorry it's your birthday and I can't go" (I'm not blaming him for being sick, but I feel like people usually say something like that) and he didn't get me a present. And he's not said anything about wanting to make it up another day or trying to see me at all today. I told him we could do dinner or something instead of staying out late and he told me we'd see how he felt later.
Im thinking of breaking up with him. This is my first birthday with him and he's acting like he doesn't care so I don't think that's a great sign for the future.

And I'm not upset that he can't go out... it's more that he didn't think to get me a present or even text me happy birthday. He's acting like it's not even my birthday.


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  • Well.. is he really sick or something else is bothering him? i feel you do know why he is like that ain't you? Try to ask what was the reason behind such a cold response and not wanting either to make it up the next time.. probably two days after! if he's still cold.. leave silently.. let him come down realising his mistake someday.. then you keep your point!! All d best!!


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  • The guy is fighting a cold, of course he's not going to give a shit. Maybe he thought it was pretty selfish of you to only care about your birthday instead of trying to be understanding and help him feel better?

    • I haven't said all this to him. And I offered if he needed anything and he said no. It's not hard to be like "hey babe, I'm sick but happy birthday!" He's on Facebook currently messaging people. That's my point.

    • I don't think this is worth breaking up over. Just let him know that it's bothering you.

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  • Are you sure he even realized its your birthday? Maybe being sick he just totally spaced out & forgot? Still would be kinda bad but that would at least explain it.

    Or maybe he's bluffing & this is all part of a surprise he's building up to! Ok maybe not likely but ya never know :)

  • Boy i dont even know why people celebrate birthdays altogether. "Congratulations on surviving another year on this planet."
    Really doesn't mean anything if he doesn't say what you expected him to say or if he didn't get you a gift.

  • no you r not
    he should have at least showed and hugged you and said happy bday

  • You're overreacting like all girls your age.


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