Is It Possible for Us to Get Back Together, After Only Dating for Three Months?

So, my boyfriend and I broke up two weeks ago after dating for about three months. Things started out great in the beginning. Though, I will admit we did go a little fast. Of course though after the first couple of months things started to slow down and we were just starting to become more comfortable around eachother. I was staying at his place pretty frequently since I currently live with my mother and he has a house of his own. I'm 24 and he's 28. He even had made me a key and said that it was a major step for him and us and said that I could come to his place whenever I would like to, but I would always inform him first before going to his house. Anyway, things just seemed to change right after we reached our third month of being together. He's in school, but tends to procrastinate to the point where he has to cram for every assignment, quiz and exam because he puts them off for so long. At times he would ask me to remind him about doing his homework, but when I would do so he would either ignore me or tell me not to worry about it. So, I stopped trying to remind him because I only felt like I was annoying him even though he asked me to remind him. Also, he plays World of War craft like it's going out of style. He would play day and night and that was another issue in our relationship. I felt ignored a lot and I told him that, but he didn't feel like he was ignoring me because though he was playing he would still respond to me if I asked him a question, but we couldn't actually carry on a conversation. He then found out that his finals were coming up and that he was way behind on school work. So, I went home so that he could work on homework. After that, we just stopped talking as much and when I finally asked him what was wrong he said that he plans on moving by the end of the summer and didn't think we should take things any further. I'm so hurt and confused. We had a pretty bad fight after that and I said some things I didn't mean. Since then we've been NC.


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  • u both were lonely and u both need some one to b with u as u said start it gud but aftr long journey it slowdown bcz u to r differ in thoughts and u don't want him any longer

    • I actually do want him in my life. He's the one who pushed me away. I'm confused because he kept telling me that he wanted to be with me and didn't want to lose me, but yet we broke up. He's had some pretty bad break ups in the past and I think he's afraid to get close to anyone else for fear of getting his heart broken again. So, he rejects anyone else who gets close.

    • thts gud bcz once u hav breakup it hard to trust

    • evn ur real but thy guy will b still pushing away

  • exes belong in the past.. move on.


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