Should I stop using my ex-fwb's Netflix?

Me and my fwb's stopped sleeping together 3 months ago because 'he liked me too much to end up hurting me but couldn't do feelings' and as way of a parting gift (?)/ subtle bribe to keep me in his life (?) he gave me his Netflix deets. It was all well and good until he got a girlfriend two weeks later and things sorta went sour. I was mad that he'd lied to me, he was hurt that I no longer wanted to speak to him etc..

Him and his girlfriend have broken up now but I'm still not speaking to him because when I asked him to explain why he lied he was all "I didn't want to hurt you but I did so you should just fuck me off" so I have since tried to fuck him off because he obviously doesn't want me in his life.

However I still have an account on his Netflix deal and I don't know what to do about it. Obviously I like free Netflix but it seems wrong to keep using it if I'm potentially never going to speak to him again. The petty side of me however is all for just keeping it around seeing as when I gave him a chance to bridge the communication gap I pretty much got told to fuck off so it's basically his fault we're currently not in good terms but I don't know. What do you guys think? Should I just wait for him to decide to change the password/ delete my account?


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