Guys - his feelings changed so quickly?

I was dating this guy for a few months, I was very sceptical at the start because I've been hurt so many times but he really made me feel like he was different. He told me he wanted to get into a relationship a few times and asked me when he was drunk (I said no because of him being drunk) we both agreed not yet because it was too soon he also told me he loved me. Then he went through something awful and turned on me, taking it out on me one minute and ignoring me then saying he missed me and wanted to see me. This went on for a week then he said he was scared things were moving too fast and implied his feelings had changed and broke it off. I don't understand what happened and he seems like he's happy now


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  • move on try not to think too much about him and definitely dont message/call him, if he really wants he will come back and when he does u have to have guarantees that he won't act like that again. if he doesn't then so be it move on with ur life and never look back

  • maybe he is afraid of commitment, or he said that just to get closer to you, then he was not into you anymore.

  • Feelings change quick when there's somone new


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