My ex texted me from the jail?

We broke up 6 months ago he cheated on me and then he dumped me and made it looks as if it was my fault, my heart used to kill me from the pain I felt but days after days I started to heal and work on myself harder I came up with plans. I've never thought that he would ever talk to me again but suddenly I saw his message saying sorry for what he did and how he reacted with anger and all. And now I feel sorry why would you feel sorry for someone who dumped you and call you stupid in front of the other woman he cheated on with! I have no interests to go back together at all I just can't stop asking myself and it kills me even more that I forgot what he did I just need an advice I'm so confused.


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  • Just move on stop thinking about him whatever happend is now past learn from it but dont make same mistake twice. Dont hurt your self


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