It's been 3 months since the break up of a relationship of 1,5 month, but I do still have a broken heart.. is it normal? and what should I do?

As the title said, what should i do? people say get over it already, but it's really not that easy i just can't..

let me tell you a story:

yesterday i went out, and i saw my ex again he was my first boyfriend and my first love, we broke up as friends, he dumped me bc i am not the one, but since the break up we didn't talk to eachother... although i ran to him earlier a few times but that was really awkward, we both didn't know what to say..
as the dumpee you have so many questions, yesterday we were talking like we used to do, we had a really nice conversation (thanks to alcohol), he told me that he saw a video of us and thought about me, he also told me that i always have a special place in his heart.. look this was really nice to hear, because all the time i really thought that he forget about everything what we had, and sometimes i wondered if he also have think about me, and now are 2 of my many questions answered. My friends were cockblocking us so i didn't have much time to talk with him, we also danced together, like i met him the first time, but yeah i didn't have much time so i needed to go..

after that in the same night he texted me if i already got home etc but now the sun is up, the conversation just end up dead, (i think because we were not tipsy anymore so it turned awkward again) he didn't make the effort to continue the conversation, i really want to catch up with him again, like drinking together or something, but i am afraid he will think that i am desperate and that he will reject me to do something..
i honestly hope that it will come from his side to do something, but i am afraid that it won't happen, but i swear yesterday was really nice to talked to him again, without awkwardness
so what should i do?


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  • move on, because it sounds very awkward and painful. Take care

    • i tried but i can't, how?

    • well, it takes time and you have to go through all the emotional s***, try to find new things to do that don't remind you of him and eventually it will be effortless. But the emotional part does take time, take care

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  • It's normal for your heart to break I'm still here 4 months later left with nothing complete broken and destroyed


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  • It's normal. Especially being your first love.

    • i really don't know what to do, can i ask him to meet up again?

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    • yeah i did ask, i thought it can't get any more worse so i asked, and he came with excuses you know, basically he said he doesn't want too, so i thought you know what you reject me again so fuck off now i realise he is so not worth

    • It will get better. I wish you the best of luck.

  • 2 years and I'm still not over


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