Do I have a chance of winning my Girlfriend back and how?

This is a long personal story

We were friends and got together starting this year we really cared about each other she started it, to begin with, she was head over heels for me and I slowly fell for her.

Things were going well if I ever had to cancel a date I was always apologetic and tried to make it up to her either with a gift or etc.

We see each other almost every week with her staying over at my home for dinner etc.

One thing came up during this time a job and it would force me to move later in the year most likely June or July and I told her in March in tears asking would she still be with me and consider moving down or manage a long distance relationship she said yes.

We did things together in the beginning of May ice skating. a picnic and finally got some pictures as a couple and she stayed over a few days later but she acted down during that visit and apologized afterward I said it was fine.

She was very quiet after that I would text her even texted her a poem I had written sung to her a few times.

Tried to stay in touch she would be very short with me or not reply

I thought her depression may have flared up

I planned a date to go out and have a romantic dinner she canceled on me at the last minute and said we would next week.

Thursday came I asked her would she like to go out Saturday she said yes.

Then Friday I asked her would she have time to talk she told me she was feeling "Disconnected" I asked her what she meant and she said "I am not as head over heels as I was." and"it kills me to know that I'd hurt you, that's why I've been fighting it. But I realized slowly that it wasn't me being psycho like I hoped, it wasn't going away." and "You slowly had to fall in love and I slowly fell out of love"

I ask her would taking a break help and she said no,

I found out afterward from her friend that she was devastated over the move and she never told me.

We left off on an emotional note of trying to be friends which crushed me.

One small detail we were friends for 4 months before becoming a couple.
One other small note she claims this happened over the course of a few weeks.


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  • I think you should try more to convince her to gove you both a chance, probably she just was not ready for long distance an d started to have some doubts

    • Thanks for the reply.
      I tried when she first broke the news to me I told her she meant to much to me to just give up on and she was so sure that it was just purely over she said this over private messages which really bothered me

    • I know at least one of her friends told her how heartbroken I was over this she has not even messaged me.

    • Sorry didn't mean to sound rude. Taking that into account what would you say to her?

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