Why is he acting so cold?

My boyfriend, of one year, was diagnosed with bipolar. He refuses to admit this anymore and stopped taking medication after advising his doctor. We were attending couples therapy. The last few weeks he was acting very irritated with me and now has ended the relationship stating he doesn't want to be in a relationship with me. Now he is acting distant and short when I see him. He says he loves me, but doesn't want to continue to hurt me and be mean. I have stopped calling him and texting. How do I know if he still cares? What is the problem? and is he trying to sort his own feelings out. Our relationship was great and we never even fought. Any advise on this?


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  • he may just be having a personal battle with himself and his Bi-polar issues...and he doesn't want to put you through the stress and maybe if he isn't taking his meds it is making him worse..and if you have been telling him that he should keep taking them maybe that's another reason why because he doesn't want to deal with the stress of taking the meds and you telling him he needs to. I really think you need to sit down with him and have a talk if he will even let you get that close and ask him why is he acting the way he is acting, and why has he stop taking his meds, and what exactly are these feelings he has to sort out? And is he just making up excuses not to be with you anymore. And make sure you emphasize that you need him to tell you the truth even if it may hurt you.

    • Thanks for the reply Dollme. I did have the conversation about the meds. He claims they make him feel foggy. He told me he would go see the couples Dr. with me, but we can't get in for a few weeks. I did ask him to give me clarity as to why he doesn't want to be in a relationship with me, and he tells me he doesn't know why and doesn't want to make something up. Very odd!!!!!

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    • You are right. I am sure he is not putting this much thought into it, so why should I. Thanks for listening today! I am going to be strong and not contact him. I wil let you know how things are coming along. Thanks again :)

    • Your welcome...i will friend you so you can see when I'm on and you can tell what happens ; )

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  • I might aswell drop my guy every time I get my period...

  • oh wait or just friend me your in cognito lol

    • Ok, I just sent it. My name is Laura S. This is my first day on here, so I am not sure if I am even doing it right,..ha ha

    • You are I just got your friend request my name is lindsay...; )

  • Hi, how did you know he was bipolar? I think my boyfriend maybe, but I don't know how to approach him about it...


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