Girls, Girl with boyfriend trying to hit on me?

Girl I see on the local transport home after work , when I seen her first she looked quite beautiful so I glanced a little and she's et glanced back , then EVERYTIME after she would always stare me up n down , and copy my action etc. a So after a while I stopped catching the tram for a few weeks and then she would see me and look suprised or stare at me if she passing on the tram. I would sometimes sit opposite her and she would look real pretty and look at me tilting her head cuz she knew I sat there because she was there. So then she would just stare at the ground never speak. She would always be anxious and stressed she would purposely walk past if I was at the other end of the tram. N say hi whilst passing. So I had an accident and 3 months later she still staring and walk passed again but this time she blushed real hard n said hi. So 3 months after I felt bad for not introducing myself , then I came back and seen her with a guy who I found out she has been with for a while. She saw me and went red in the face and looked very anxious to get away with her boyfriend. So I thought I left it to late and messing around o liked a few of her pictures on Facebook to let her know I do like her. Which her boyfriend found out because he was with her. So the day after she saw me and was smiling at me I ignored it as her boyfriend was walking to meet her. Then we got on and when he faced the opposite way she stared at me with a huge smile out of shock. So obv after her boyfriend made her block me etc. 3 weeks later I Sent s message apologising saying why I kept disappearing and I noticed her and that I thought she was beautiful n she made me nervous but I was aiming at introducing myself m maybe we can get to know each other in the future - which she read n didn't block me etc. So I left it now and EVERYTIME she sees me she's looking stressed and blushes real bad I'm extremely confused and I heard her n her boyfriend have had problems for a while. Any ideas what's gone on? Girls opinions please


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