Bad idea to talk to my ex.

I've been thinking of messaging my ex lately (Cause I don't see him anymore.. he moved). Which I think is a totally horrible idea because he's a jerk who tried to make me jealous.. How the hell can I get that out of my head? The last time we talked was in February and it didn't end well. I don't want to see him with someone else, I just want to pretend he doesn't exist. Any ideas on how to just push those talking to him thoughts aside?


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  • Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts in this heartache.. Both my friend and I went through a break up simultaneously..

    What worked for me was:

    I cried, cried, cried, and cried some more..

    Then I slowly started getting over him..

    what you will need is a shoulder(or many) to cry on, and also to keep yourself busy..

    go for a walk in the park. do something adventurous.

    do stuff that require you to go out and experience something new.

    Its great that its summer now, so you can go out a lot and do fun stuff.. hope this works :)


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  • Just get some cool guy to talk and hope it will help 4get him


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  • I broke up with my ex, then had doubts about it later. The doubt about having made the correct choice led to temptations to text him. The only way I found to combat the urge at the time was to delete his number (only works if you don't have it memorized). Otherwise, I'd text a good friend and tell them I was tempted into texting him and they'd talk me out of it. Good luck, it's hard sometimes.

  • well first... its okay to cry. and I did these things

    i listened to my music

    wrote my own songs

    did something I would not normally do ( in a good way)

    spend time with friends

    pamper myself

  • Do not do it. If you text him just once to "check up" or anything like that, it will become a habit to text him again. I know this from personal experience. I would find stupid reasons to text him, but all it did was made me look stupid cause he bragged to his friends saying, "Yeah, she's crazy" or "she won't get over me".

    Text a lot of other guys. Not in a slutty way, but some guys who will make you feel better immediately and have a good conversation with you. Without telling them what's wrong.

    • This is correct


      A (stupid) guy who used to do that

  • i went through this last year, it takes awhile to push it aside, it's not gonna happen over night. what I did that helped me was keep thinking of all the sh*t he put me through, and what an ass he was. it's good to talk to your friends about it, and to keep your distance from him. if you hate seeing him with another girl, just try to ignore it, even tho that can be difficult, but it works. I don't think it's a good idea to message him right now because he could be like my ex and repeat treating you like sh*t. hope this helps chickie!


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