Ex asked if I'm in love with him.. why?

My ex and I broke up a month or a little more ago, haven't seen each other much and despite me saying I didn't feel like we should talk much anymore (I don't see a point. I like talking to him and I'll miss him but what's the point?), he texts me on and off almost daily.
He asks if I've "cheated" on him since we split (have I went on dates, he was joking) sometimes.
Today he told me "well I miss you" and then I said something about a party I was at last night and he asked "are you in love with me" and I left it on read and he said "answer me" and an hour or so later said "well, I'm waiting?" And then another hour later asked again if I was in love with him and I said "well.." and he said "still waiting" and then a few minutes later said "AMBER" I told him I thought I still was and asked why he wanted to know and he said "I was curious." I told him he wouldn't have answered if I'd asked him the same and he didn't say how he felt. Do you guys think he genuinely just wondered or there's more to it?
Ex asked if I'm in love with him.. why?
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