What reaction from the person who got dumped makes it a easy break-up?

So I was talking with one of my guy friend and he just broke it off with a girl he has been seeing for 1 year and some changes. All I know is she was madly in love with him where as he wasn't. He was just with her because he didn't want to be lonely and only saw her when he needed her (sexually and sometimes random stuff). He told her her loved her but never really did.

He made the most stupiest excuses when he broke up with her that he doesn't believe they will work out and they will fight all the time because a psychic told him this (I really wanted to break his face.) Anyways, long story short, she basically didn't say anything to him. She stayed quiet and just said ok and wished him happiness and let him go. She didn't question him at all or yell at him. Knowing them and if I was in her place. I would have curses at him or called him a stinken coward for not telling me before that he never loved me.

All she did was stay quiet and collected and it seemed to bug my friend. He wanted her to yell and scream. He was prepared for that but she didn't and it seems to play over in his mind. He says it would of made it easier if she had yelled at him. And no him he doesn't feel bad because he really loves her. I know how he acts when he is in love before and after a break up. I told him maybe she had someone else but he found out from a mutual friend that she really did love him and there wasn't ever another guy in the picture that he was all.

What I want to know is that a girl yelling and screaming after a breakup make it easier or her staying quiet? I thought a quiet breakup would have been a lot easier.


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  • My opinion is that the guy is an attention-seeking piece of shit that only wanted to "break up" for a small time just to see how hurt she will actually be. Or to seek attention. My point is: if i'm really going to break up with someone, the other person staying quiet and simply accepting it is a blessing.


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  • @rzvcam is right. absolutely correct. if he actually wanted to break up with her then he wouldn't be thinking about It this much. I also think that he's an attention seeker and wanted to hurt her for fun. a very ass hole type thing to do. and if she stayed quiet is either because she never really loved hin or because she saw it coming.


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