Why does she still care about him?

i have been going out with this girl for almost 9 months and we have made love I don't know how many times but some how her ex fiancee keeps getting brought up and she said she is over him but idk.


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  • Maybe her break up ended badly with her ex and she's still reeling over it. But even still, after being in a NINE month relationship with you, if she's still bringing him up, that's not a good sign.

    You need to be honest and communicate with her. Tell her that you don't really like that she's always bringing up her ex-boyfriend and that it upsets you. Ask her why she still talks about him if she's over him?

    Good luck.

    • Thanks for BA. :)

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  • Either she is comparing you to him which is wrong, or she isn't over him and will leave you for him sooner or later... My advice is to not get too serious about this girl. When she talks about her ex change the subject, shut her out, be cold to her, say you don't want to hear it or talk about him or just walk away. She will get the hint sooner or later. If you don't take charge soon she will take full advantage of you, hurt you, and leave you.


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