Why is he doing this? what's going on?

I'm not trying to win him back anymore. but he broke up with me because we had a fight and I think I said something that just pushed him over the edge. he broke up with me. blocked me. didn't even talk to me properly or tell me the reason why. I'm 100% sure he did love me. we were together for a few years now and then he breaks up with me without saying anything? when my friend texted him.. I didn't want her to but she did. he fought with her bit with me he just replied once and blocked me didn't even tell me the reason why. there's definitely no other girl. and far as I can feel he's not happy either. then why? did he just stop loving me in just a month? because we're in a long distance relationship and everything was great. I don't know what to think. guys help. im hopeless.


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  • Well, you said you told him something that pushed him over the edge. I can't be sure because I don't know what you did say, but maybe that's the problem.

    • yes I think. but he was the one who was because of a fight saying that he's not sure about the relationship. it hurt me and I got angry and I said something. and then he broke up with me.

    • From my point of view, when he said that he wasn't sure about your relationship and you told him "the thing" it was like you gave him a good reason to think that.

      I'm not sure if you understand what I said, I've got issues to explain it in English ahah

    • no I totally understand. this is what I realized too. but when I realized it was too late. he was a bit unsure because of the problems and I pushed him over the edge

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  • Said what?
    Is your friend willing to help the situation?

    • she tried. but he didn't listen to her. it was some thing awful I heard from his friend. I dint think it was true but when I said it he got pissed. but didn't say anything to me. just lashed out on my friend told me he's breaking up with me and blocked

    • What was said?

    • said something about how he and another girl did something tyoe of nasty when theyw ere kids. but I only said that because I heard it from someone and my boyfriend was acting angry and breaking up with me. I shouldn't have brought it up but I was too shocked to think. he was hurting me. but I kniw maybe what I did was wrong. but his friend told me that and I told him that his friend said that but he still lashed out on me

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