In a situation where it's difficult to decide weather or not to move on?

I've been in relationship with this girl for three years and I wouldn't say we ever perfect together, we had our share of fights.
but stillI really loved her and we both were loyal to each other. A few month ago she broke up with me because her parents didn't approve of our relationship and she barely tried resisting them
she stopped talking even changed her number (so did I but mine old number is still working) we haven't talked for like 5months or so and she doesn't even seems to be missing me. I just don't know how should I get over her. for the record I almost broke all my contact with my frnds in the three yearsI was with her as she barely gave me spare time to be with anyone. so now I'm out of friends and...


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  • How else can you chat her?

    • i can't chat with her anymore. I'm just waiting for her to reach out for me.

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    • well the only thing I can do is go near her office and wait for her to leave. but its kind of seems desperate n I really dont want to do that plus I have already done a lot in this relationship and I dont want to do anything more. also I just want to know weather or not ahe ever loved me... and if she did why didn't she try harder to convince her parents

  • You have to move on.. It's been 6mo with no contact already.. if she wanted to reach you she would've already... you're single now, you're a lonewolf at the moment but make a new pack one that makes you stronger and hangout with..

    • I'm trying my best to do so but the problem is I've spent way too much time with her, like 1year we were just friends and after that when I asked her it almost took her 1.5 years to say yes and than 3years as a couple, so you see I've spend almost 6 years with her talking for like 6hrs daily. And now i don't know what to do with that time besides just thinking about the time with her.

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    • look trying to find more meaning in her answers isn't gonna alleviate the situation you're in, she just closed that chapter of her life, some people just make those decisions sooner

    • that's what is making it much more difficult for me to forget her.

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  • Move on brosef. After 3 months, move the fk on. All you can do is make yourself better for the next one. Trust me, all you do in life when you move on is move up. I've literally always found a new hotter one. It's pretty great too, you meet women and now you have a clue about what you don't want. Than you meet a special ass chick who makes you realize you and your ex where not meant to be.

    • i don't hope to finda new relationship. i just want to find closure. hanging on with her thoughts is making me crazy.

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    • that sucks.

    • For now. The only reason your hung up on her is because you have one-iteis. It's cured be going balls deep in a new women or dating a few. You forget about your ex real quick

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