I don't deserve love?

My ex and I got back together recently. I've made mistakes in the past, cheated a lot and broke his heart and then when I didn't have him anymore, I realized how much in love with him I really was. I reconnected with him last year but he was dating someone else. He left her because he realized that he was still in love with me and we got back together. His ex found out and I also found out he didn't actually tell her that we broke up but just ghosted and she found out through social media.

I understand how hurt she was and I'm sorry that I caused it, but since then she's spewed so much venom at me it's pathetic. The other day she called a cheating skank, told me that I was always going to be a cheater and that I didn't deserve love. She said that I deserved to be "fucked once and then dumped afterward". I found out she was in love with my boyfriend for years. We just got engaged and have a wedding date set for next summer. I'm happy with him and for the first time our relationship is working out beautifully, but she's ruining it for both of us. My boyfriend got so angry with her for attacking me that he almost forgot she was a girl and hit her. I was crying. I know I made mistakes but does that mean I don't deserve love? Is she right?
I don't deserve love?
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