Imagine having a dumper that just won't leave you alone?

random pointless messages and no matter how many times you block/ deactivate accounts they still seek you out.. Then ask why your angry at them, um can't think why? Totally lunatic asylum stuff, they say the ones that get dumped do crazy things but when it's someone that's dumped you that's weird..

Would it be wrong to get someone to warn them off you?


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  • if there was someone like that (a person I would block) I would give them a goodbye text so they understand why I did what I did..

    • you should call the cops if he doesn't leave you.. all the best..

    • I've changed my number shut my Facebook down and deactivated my Kik I don't have whatsapp I don't do Dating sites so if he contacts me any other way I will go to police

    • I would not have done any of those.. hope he stops now.. it would be a bad feeling to be stalked.. hope it goes away..

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  • Call the police. Don't tell him you will call the police. Don't tell him anything at all. Any attention will fuel his fire lol.

    Sorry, that sucks. They go away after a few weeks, usually. Does he know where you live?


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  • You don't need the police that just causes implications and problems in later life. Of course if there is a element of violence or physicality then by all means call the cops, but give him time he's hearts hurting it will take a few weeks for him to start to ease of the head gets it but the heart doesn't

  • im only 17 maam but i can say you need to get a restraini g order on this dude he could become a physical issue after awhile id also go get your gun permit. just my redneck opinion

    • Yeah u being young, you dump someone you don't go back to them or contact them...

  • Nope. I've been that guy before for a friend.

    • Guys been at it years I've done everything folk told me to do apart from gettin the police dunno what else to do... except if he contacts me again then I kno he's done it on purpose and get restraining order as I've deactivated and changed everything

    • Send guy friends to his house to take care of him? Just scare him is all I did. Its been years? I think it's time to get the cops involved. Get a restrainING order hun!

    • Restraining*

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