Why did my ex get angry over something so small?

We broke up last November she seems to be with someone (and for most of the time since we broke up) however she's not posting pics and stuff like she usually does in a relationship. Anyway she contacted me last week asking for a few small things back and got into a conversation about my job search and I explained a situation I was in (trying to fix my citizenship with Canada, I'm in the states but have dual citizenship and she lives in Canada) and she told me I was wrong about something and all I said was what I was told (by the government and employers), didn't say she was wrong or anything. She then started giving me attitude and bringing up our relationship saying I did this all the time. Couple days later she deleted photos on Instagram (noticed because some of my pics were missing, she already had deleted photos with me in it but still had pics of stuff that referenced me) or she changed the captions. She's still following me on social media and such. I just don't get where this came from especially this far after the breakup.
I should add the break up wasn't bad at all and it was due to me being to busy with school, work, and my daughter. She hasn't acted like this since before the break up.
And I've asked others for their opinion on what I said and her reaction and everyone has said she is being WAY over dramatic and reacting to basically nothing.


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  • She's nosy or has a control issue.

    • She hasn't been acting nosy. She literally reacted to me just saying "I was told..." I've asked others if what I said was wrong in any way and they all say she's being WAY over dramatic.

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