How recover ourself from first love breakup?

Two months back she left me alone. she started her new life. she is enjoying her life fully. but I still thinking about her and thinking about her old memories. I couldn't able to come out from that incident.

I'm not talkative type. I studied in boys school and completed my degree in mechanical department. I started my career in one OEM. there I met her. she liked my character and she started talking to me. WhatsApp Facebook everywhere we started to chat.

after 1 year of friendship, we started loving each other. After one year in love, the problem came. misunderstanding between us lead to breakup.

she now started her life with someone. she replaced with someone. she is happy now. i don't want spoil her happiness because that is her life.

but I need to come out from that incident. suggest me something.


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  • best cure to a broken heart is time. honestly though, the fastest cure to it though is learning to hate the person

    • the worst thing. daily I'm seeing her with someone. that broke my heart daily..

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