Met a really great guy, gave him my number, won't text back?

Won't give too many details but basically me and this guy were hitting it off, and he asked me for my number, so I gave it to him =] well, he texted me later asking me if I was going to concert tonight and I said I wasn't sure because I didn't know there even was one. lol. But he hasn't texted me back and it's been hours...

did he change his mind about me or something? This is like the third time this has happened with a guy...I didn't do anything! I mean I'm always very pleasant to talk with and I definitely didn't do anything to freak him he just realized I was too fat or something... =[


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  • How the hell would he think that ur too fat after asking ur number. secondly, he wanted to maybe go out with you on that concert but you said ur not sure or does'nt knew about the concert. Maybe he did'nt replied because there was'nt any other thing to ask, maybe he thought ur not into the concert or does'nt know about those who has the concert. Maybe he was a little busy, you never know! I know it is reaallyyy reallly irrritating when you wait for a reply and that reply can take ages. You know what, just wait. If he really is into u, he'll contact you somehow!

    Best of luck!

  • If it was just tonight honey, then give him a chance. lol. He's probably really busy considering he's getting ready to go to a concert. Don't be too easy tho, guys like to chase. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to text a guy I really like, but I don't want to be easy because I know guys don't like that. So I will text them once so they know I'm interested like, "hey handsome, what's up" and if they don't reply I delete their number. I just remember the first 3 digits so I know who they are if they text me back. And DONT always start a conversation. If he never replied to your last message, DONT text him again until he texts you. Even if he never texts back. It's the only way to know he's interested and too keep him interested. good luck


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