Should I text him?

These past few months my ex has tried to make contact with me; he's added me on every social media, tried messaging me and ringing a couple of times. I haven't replied once and blocked him on social media.
The other week however I saw him at an event and it made me miss him so much. I wanted to speak to him so bad, but whenever he moved near me, I just walked away. My friend text me to tell me that he told her he would get back with me in second but there's no point trying because I just ignore him. She said he said he was gonna keep trying and put the effort in yet he hasn't? Why would he tell her he was going to try and speak to me but then not message me? I'm going insane, I can't think of anything else, I keep crying and I can't even revise for my exams which are next week. It's killing me, I just want him to message me but I think he thinks I wouldn't reply because I haven't previously. Should I text him or even add him back on social media or should I just do nothing?
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Hmm it's hard because I agree with all of your views. On one hand I think if he was truly serious about getting back with me why wouldn't he just message me? But on the other hand I want to get back with him yet I still haven't text him, in fact I've ignored him everytime he's tried to reach out.
Part of me thinks he knew my friend would report back to me, but I'm scared he just wants to mess with my head.
Should I text him?
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