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So recently I've been wanting to reach out to my ex to see how she's doing; it's been almost a year since we broke up, but since the break up she's had me blocked on all social media and as far as I'm aware the only thing I'm not blocked on is Kik (which I might even be as well, I'm not sure). I've tried reaching out a couple times before only to get no response. I don't want, nor have any intentions on trying to get back with her, I just wanted to see how she's doing. Do you think I should try again or just leave it alone? Just want some thoughts on it. Thanks.


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  • It depends on how the relationship ended i guess. If she wants to move on you might jusr have ro respect that and do the same.

    • It ended fairly innocently. We had been together for three years when I was deployed overseas, and eventually broke up because I was having trouble feeling anything emotionally while I was out there. I tried talking to her about it at which she told me to figure it out.. And when I told her I didn't know how which is why I was talking to her about it, she still didn't offer any other help, so I just decided to break it off with her. I still was wanting to be friends though, and we were still communicating for a while, and then out of nowhere one day she suddenly blocked me on everything with no explanation. I'm at the point now, a year and some change later, where I'm past that stage of wanting to get her back, or being in a relationship with her, I have no desire to. The only thing I WAS wanting was to check up on her just to see how life was going for her. Thought I'd get some opinions on it.

    • Fair enough then it seems as if she's acting very petty it could be as well that maybe it hurts too much to see your social media or messages because she might still love you?

    • I do feel like that's why she blocked me initially, or maybe she got a boyfriend and didn't want me to see the pics or something, but I figured by now we'd both be over it and be able to talk as friends. It's not a huge deal to me if it doesn't happen, was just curious how life was goin lol.

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  • leave it alone, if you got blocked on any level, fuck her, let her mom worry about her. there's so many girls, they're everywhere, just move on.

    • Lol suppose you right brother.

    • trust me I'm right, other girls will be like wtf do you care how she doing too. Doesn't make it easier I know, but never do something women won't respect, we all know how they gossip, don't shoot yourself in the dick so to speak

    • You make a fair point my friend.

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  • Just leave her alone and move on. ...

    • I've moved on already, it's not about that. After being together three years it's natural to wonder how that person is doing. I was just asking if it's even worth it.

    • Just leave her alone. . she's probably waiting to see if u will text again. .. As a girl, she might think you want her back. ... I also think that way at times except you spell it out for me.. .

    • Fair enough.

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  • People who do this secretly wish they're doing worse off without them.

    Just move on and go forward. Focus on your life to be good.

    • Lol nah man. If I found out she lost two arms, a leg, and an ear, shit I would walk up in her place and take my TV back lmao. Nah I'd feel awful for her. I really do hope she doin' well though, which is why I was even debatin' contacting her.

    • You got to move on and just hope she is. You don't have to keep tabs on her, it's not your duty and if she has you blocked on many social media's it seems that's a sign for you not to contact her. Let her have her peace.

    • 👌👌👍

  • Why would you want to reach out to her. Leave her in the past.


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