My ex is still talking with me. Need help?

This girl broke with me one and a half year ago because she found someone else , and that guy has broken up with her , so she started to talk to me again. I am over her and I don't want her back.. I am better single but we talk everyday.
Should I tell her not to talk with me ( as what she did was very very heart breaking)
or should I continue


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  • Do you want to talk to her, and keep having a friendship with her? Or do you just not want to talk to her at all? Maybe you have to do the hard thing by then and let her know you don't want to talk to her anymore.


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  • Talking to her is fine, but if she's starts making advances just straight up tell her that it's not happening.

  • Tell her not to message you, coz it hurts after all that you been through, you can't be friends with her.

    • but how can I tell her this without hurting her.
      I don't want to be rude and all. but seriously I am over with her

    • I know its hard for you I was in your situation too, but if u say it like that she will understand.

    • yes , thanks

  • If you don't want it, why would you do it? Talking everyday and that even for good odd hours, you should never try to stretch the conversation it'll die in a minute or two automatically.


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