Guys, Did he breakup with me intentionally?

I've been dating this guy since Feb. I've told him everything about my sexual past because he asked me and I have nothing to hide. However I didn't admit to sleeping with a guy that I mentioned and he later found out once he got my drunk and asked me that I did. Now why does my past matter so much? The reason I lied is because I didn't want him to worry because I met the guy 2 weeks before I met him and we started dating. Now he waited until 3 days after I left (he lives in another state ) to mention that I'm a lier and he can never trust me. He made plans to go to NYC for my birthday on the 9th and even randomly canceled. Was this just a way out?


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  • relationships are built upon trust, and once it's broken it's very hard to mend. your past history matters because it's the best representation of who you are. it's like when you buy a used car, do you care if it's been in 20 accidents or none? or when someone steals for 1 time vs all their life? take some responsibility for yourself woman. you fucked up now all you can do is learn or be dumb and repeat your same mistakes

    • True by lying but I shouldn't of told my past when he shared nothing about his. He's still living with his ex wife

  • Ok so here's the thing:
    If you're going to date me, i expect you to accept EVERYTHING that i used to be, like what i am and approve of who i want to become. That goes the other way arround, too. The thing is... NO MATTER the reason, you lied to him. I would have done the same because, lets face it.. You deserve it. You wanted him to think that you are something you're not. Should that be ok just because boobs? You're 24, you should already have enough dating experience to agree that, once you lie and he/she finds out, things never go back to the way they were (especially if you lied about sleeping with someone)


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