How long should I wait before contacting my ex?

he's not really my ex. He broke up with me but since has told me he loves me, referred to me as his girlfriend. etc.. we're best friends. and the relationship isn't over. This is more like a break. he's just having a sort of mid-life crisis. and anyway. he's gone from the sweetest boyfriend ever to not respecting me at all and I demand more respect because I deserve better.

since he broke up with me(about 2 or 3 weeks ago) I've only called him once. he's called me every single day except 3 or 4 days. but most every time he called it was just to see what's up or tell me about his day or whatever and if I mentioned hanging out he would say "well I not really trying to hang out" which is stupid. why else would he call me. and anytime he wa slike "yea! I wanna hang out let me call you back" he'd take his time and call me SIX hours later. and I just. I need to put my foot down.

so I decided to ignore his calls today. if he really wants me, which he clearly seems unsure of, he needs to work for me. and I love him with all my heart so if he works for it ill take him right back.

so anyway. how should I go about doing this?

i don't think I'm going to call him back today. usually when he calls I always answer, and if he asks to hang out I always agree too. so I'm just going to stop giving him everything he wants. But I do miss him. a whole lot. and I'm afraid ignoring him too much will make him drift away and give up on me.

would it be bad if I called him tomorrow? or answered him tomorrow if he calls? or should I just leave it alone for awhile. I've kind of left it alone. I never call him anymore after the "break up". he always calls me.

advice please!


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  • This doesn't sound like a loving relationship honestly, it sounds like a little game and real love doesn't mean that at all. He might be unsure about what he wants, that we've established, but it's up to him to figure that out. You can't force him to make it go any faster, and instead that'll possibly push him away. He might be calling to reassure you that he wants you and to not have you worry, but if he doesn't want to see you, then let him have his space. It's hard but understand that people need their space sometimes. If you do answer the phone, you need to sit and talk about what it is that he's trying to get from the break and work out the calling situation, because this miss-communication between you two is more childish than helpful.

  • If you contact him, he will think that he can keep you around for sex even though you aren't technically together. Since he is disrespectful to you it is best that you keep your distance so it will be easier to get over him. There are WAY tooo many great guys out there who will treat you so well and you will find one! Even though you still love him you CAN get past it and get over him. It just takes work. You sound like you definitely deserve better! Get your mind off of him so you won't miss him. Stay busy and try to be with friends where you won't accidentally run into him so you will miss him less and less.


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