How to speak to your boyfriend after he has broken up with you a week ago without coming across as being very needy and like a beg?


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  • I would just hit them up like "hey what's up how is u doing"... something like casual conversation... and then you get to talking about serious matters and such. That's what I'd do. Then you can figure out where you two stand.

  • Well why do you want wanna talk to him? Do you just want to be friends or are you trying to get back with him? Or something else?

    • Trying to get back with him. He wants to be with me but his parents are not accepting me

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    • 19. Cause my dads family are a different religion to him family but my mums family is the same as theirs

    • Religious differences always causes difficult problems. :/ I don't know how to help tbh...

  • "How do you move on from your ex-boyfriend after he has broken up with you?" Is a better question


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