I recently have or I am trying to be my ex-man friend which he requested. I am lost what should I do?

I moved back from another state we re met up. But a woman before me said she was pregnant but which he didn't think it was his, so we went on with our relationship, which he himself made it official. Well come to find out the baby is his, and it is a boy. So of course he wants to be there for his boy, oh yea he has 2 other kids which are daughters, but he wants to be there for his BOY smh. So instead of talking to me, he basically disappeared for 6 months (right after my birthday) So I was okay chalked it up as a lost. Wasn't crying anymore in this life. Well he seen me in a bar, and he came to me tried to hug AND kiss me wth. So now both of our feelings are back and jumbled everywhere. He finally told me why he left, but want us to be friends. But sometimes he can't control himself around me, and I want a baby and I told him that's what I want. This is like a story out of a book. SMH He even said he wants to go to the movies and dinner sometimes. WHICH I told him we can't because I will end up doing him lol. Also its hard for him if I talk about another guy, I wanted a baby by a friend of mine, he wanted to help. So now he said he is going to think about the baby situation with me. I REALLY AM STUCK... I hate that he has my heart, I feel really dumb


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  • Move on from him, he is no good for you. He already has 3 kids and isn't there for them so I doubt he'll be there for you.


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