He pretty much put my broken pieces back together but now he's gone?

Hi, I was speaking to this guy for a while who was a turning point for me. I could open up to him about anything, and I told him about my deepest darkest feelings and how I was ish on the verge of an eating disorder for a few months because I never felt like anyone would love me.
He took care of me in a way I had been waiting my whole life for, I feel like he saved me because now I feel worth something because he cared about me and I know I would never feel the need to go down the eating disorder route again. He completely calmed my storms, I feel at peace with myself and everything about my life.
He said he was thinking about being with me, but once he learnt more about me he said "I can tell this isn't going to help your stresses, you need to work on yourself for a bit, but if you're feeling better in the future then who knows what could happen." He also said I was slightly too young for him at the age we are. I then realised some of what I told him came out slightly exaggerated and now I'm worried I ruined it for myself. He is one of the most special people to me and I know he could have been the love of my life or one of them but now he's gone and recently gotten in another relationship as I am slightly too young and he sees me as "not ready" for one.
I am finding it really hard to move on as I can't see how anyone could be as special to me, he saved me mentally and he's the first guy I've ever felt this way about. He came into my life, exposed the deepest parts of me and then because he said it was "the best thing for both of us." if we broke it off. I still have hope that when he breaks up with his current girlfriend we can come back together, but I cannot cope with the fact that he could possibly be gone for good. I just cannot see that someone who can be that good for me is gone and never to return, it has been devastating for me and I cannot understand how he cannot come back if he was so much like an angel for me.

He pretty much put my broken pieces back together but now he's gone?
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