My boyfriend left me for his ex?

we were all hanging out (me, him, my friend Hanna, and our friend Steven) and all of a sudden my bro comes in the room and says to him, destiny wants to talk to you on Facebook (his ex who dumped him) and he doesn't come back into the room, 30 min. later I said to Hanna where the f*** is he? and she said I don't know so I went into my bros room and he's still on the laptop talking to her and I'm thinking what the f***? so I went to go on my laptop and my bro was still logged in on Facebook on my laptop and she said she misses him and some stupid sh*t like I miss you babe and he said to her I miss you and I lost it I just started crying my eyes out because I just got finished telling him how I wouldn't break his heart because mine has gotten broken so many times and he said that, so I told my mom and she opened her mouth to my bro and my bro opened his mouth to shadow (my ex boyfriend now) and he came in the room to try to say sorry and I told him to get the f*** out of my room because I was p*ssed but I'm really depressed now because he's always talking to her on the laptop because I live far from them and he's friends with my bro (so is Steven) so they came down for a couple weeks so it wouldn't have lasted long anyway but I would have cherished it but he pulled that...he doesn't even talk to me anymore, can you give me some advice because I have known him since I was 6 and I have liked him ever since but I really don't know what to do


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  • It's hard. But people are dirty. No matter how you feel your ex is only going to care about himself so you need to do the same. Now for all the drama, just ignore it all. It's only there if you make something of it. If you just move on then it will all deal itself out. you have to want it to be over and done with though. So: if you want to get better, just move on and forget about him. If you want to stay miserable then keep up the drama

    • True, thanks a lot. I'm just gonna move on

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