Why do I still have love for her?

I was dating my daughters mother for almost 3 years. almost 2 years into the relationship due to financial problems she began cheating. Not with just one person but two for about two months, she didn't care that I know or would lie about it. I recorded conversations of her talking to others guys, going to see them, bringing them to our apt and having sex in our bed. clothes were left that I dint even wear, I even found used condoms in the garage that she tried to hide. I must add that there is a 10 yr age difference, we were in love with each other, we knew everything about each other, we were like best friends, I was also her first love. I spent many nights heart broken knowing that she was probably out with some other guy. After about 2 months she ended things with one guy but still wanted to see the other one. I couldnt understand why because I not a bad guy. our sex life was good we did everything, I taught her how to do something in which some one else was now experiencing. she finally confessed that one of the guy name Z she would have sex with once or twice a week she even had a key to his apt. she lied about the other guy who she called Trouble saying that they only had sex three times, but that's who she really like so I know it was more than that. she also had sex with a woman as well. I have never been cheated on before that I know of, but it hurts when your in love and their doing it without care. oh and there are kids too, she had two before me and we have a daughter together. I tried to do everything to keep the family together to make her happy but things only got worse financially. moving to GA was a bad move a well, she would start again but with a female this time. oh and she lies a lot not just to me but to them as well, to them I was either baby daddy or her little brother. so after I moved back to FL she started being a thot as she would say. I hate that she was doing that to herself, I just wanted the girls I saw praise dancing in church back.


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  • Sorry Man... she is going through a lot.. try to remind her of the good times nostalgia is good for everyone also if she keeps calling her self a thot it means she is aware she is hurting you and subconsciously feels guilty... try to remind her of that... also remind her of the children and try as much as possible to have quality time with her..


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