Who's with me on this your thoughts?

Ex partner of 3 years cheats on me I forgive her take her back then she complete ghosts me only allows me to e mail her what a joker.

So I've choose to pack up and take off to France and Spain and anywhere I choose in Europe I'm 4 weeks time I'm going to drive around Europe and enjoy the heat.. anyone in the same situation that wants to join me or get a free ride across your welcome. What is wrong with ex partners that they cheat you forgive but then your the bad person in it all?


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  • I don't know but have fun in Europe!!


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  • What? How are you the bad person? Sounds like they're trying to drop you as baggage.

    • Drop you as baggage? So I don't understand what that means as it doesn't make any sense

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    • Well we ain't dating now I spent 3 years with her.. anyway it's ok once a cheater always a cheater right

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