Girls, Is my ex still playing games?

My ex girlfriend and I have been split for a little over 2 years now. (I was the cause of our break up and tried getting back with her/talk to her on multiple occasions) She's still friends with my best friend's girl friend and some others in our group. My friends came to visit this past weekend and she saw me in one of their snapchats and proceeded to text me. (She hasn't initiated conversation since our breakup) Our conversations was quaint but it consisted of her telling me that I looked good, asked how I have been, what my plans were because I am graduating college in August... This is where I get confused and unable to determine her intentions. She tells me that she's coming to visit her friend that lives where I live in a couple weeks (she hasn't been here since we broke up and lives about 2 hours away) as a way to get away from some problems she's having back home. When asking me about my plans after graduating she mentions I should interview somewhere in her town. She also randomly tells me about a boob job (which I could care less about) she had and the complications.(To make me jealous, upset or something I presume) Honestly I just want to know if she's still trying to mess with me or wants to try and reconnect? Also, how should I approach talking to her? Should I text her at all or continue to let her make first contact? (I've tried trying to text her and whatnot prior to her texting me first and nothing ever comes of it) As you can tell I still have feelings for her but at the same time it's been so long to still be playing these games... what's her angle? Or am I overthinking things, thanks in advance for your responses I don't ever do things like this but she drives me crazy and my friends are probably tired of hearing me talk about her lol.


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  • I believe she is just being friendly. Don't over think it. If it feels too messy or wrong than don't talk to her anymore.

  • Sounds like she is just playing with you


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