Does he even hurt at all?

He said he loved me. And my kids. My insecurities got the best of me and he broke up through a text message, grabbed his things and left. (He had me pack them up for him) we dated for a year and a half.
He posted "single" on his Facebook before he even grabbed his things...
I'm hurting very bad. I did everything I could for him. I cooked for him, was there for him. Made sure he had coffee for in the morning. Went above and beyond for his son...
The last week we were together he seemed to distance himself. He blames everything on my insecurities and told me the relationship was emotionally draining.
I haven't spoken to him since. When he grabbed his things I told him never to talk to me or my kids again and that I hate him.
I feel so panicked. So upset. I'm doing my best to get over him but this is hard. Does he even hurt? Will he? Will he regret leaving me...
Will I end up hearing from him again?


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  • Sorry about your terrible experience, but just know that even though it feels like your world is collapsing it's really not and you'll get over this, just give it some time. You need to take off your rose colored glasses and see this situation for what it is. He left you and it sounds like he was very callous about it. Ask yourself this, how do you want your man to treat you? Do you really want a guy who's so disrespectful towards you? Is that really what you think you deserve? You need to love and respect yourself enough to KNOW that you deserve someone who truly care about you and respects you. This guy doesn't fit that criteria, don't even hope of hearing from him again because you can do better. There's MILLIONS of guys out there so go find out that actually treats you well and appreciates you.
    You sound like a very kind hearted person so I can see why you fell for him as much as you did. You should watch this video to understand why you feel so strongly about him.

    • Damn I can't find the video. I'll just explain it then

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    • put that time and effort into something that's not important. Just like in that rock you put a little part of you into your ex. You cared for him and you gave him your time and effort and that's the most valuable thing you can give someone, you have him a part of you. Since you sound like a good hearted and caring person I'm going to assume you put in a lot of time and effort into him which made him seem even more important to you. You see he became that important to you because YOU made it happen, not him. If you were to put the same amount of time and effort into someone else, they'd be just as important as he was to you. You're going to eventually find someone else and when you put in that time and effort, a part of you in that person, you'll love him just as much. I hope that makes sense... the guy in the video did a much better job at explaining it.

    • It does make sense. A lot of sense. I have been trying to better myself, take care of myself. Dye my hair, paint nails. Treated myself. Putting more effort in to my friendships with others and my children. Also trying to find the willpower to start on my projects that I have. I wish my nerves could calm down. I keep getting sick and having panic attacks. I'm hurting. And it doesn't feel like he is. Doesn't feel like he misses me. Or that he will ever regret what he has done

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  • just assume he is gone forever and do not anticipate a call, SO that, if he does call, you will be pleasently surprised but if he doesn't call then you will not have your hopes crushed. "expect the worst and hope for the best."

  • Don't forget that you are a strong woman and this is not end of life. Move on and explore new world who awaits you.

    • I have been doing my best. This is still the first week post break up. So of course I'm judging my self worth over his lack of communication and lack of attempt to reach out.
      I just want to feel better. You know? It sounds horrible but I would feel better knowing he would try to contact me again, or that he hurts just like I do. I'm doing what I can to pretend that I am ok. But I'm really not.

  • Block him. Dont text him, call him, no contact for good.
    Dont worry about any of this.
    Its time for you to move on from him. he's not coming back and you need to realize this. I know you want him to but really honestly why? Why want a guy who broke your heart in a million pieces? Ever ask yourself that?
    Sitting around and asking these questions will get you nowhere. Only make you feel even more hurt. Try to keep busy, spend time with the ones who really do live you (kids, family, friends), start a new hpbby, do that thing you've always wanted but had no time to before. Just be busy always don't be alone top much in your own thoughts.

    Fyi saying something and doing something are two different things. Actions speak louder than words.

    Ti answer your orginal question. Does he hurt? I won't tell you. Like Jack said. You can't handle the truth! right now that is.

  • Were you guys sexually active?

  • I have added you as a friend. Please accept it. I'd love to talk to you about it if you want. If you don't want to talk about it you can just ignore that request.

    • How do I accept it? I'm new to this. Can you message me?

    • I cannot message you yet. Check your notifications which has friend requests. Once you add me as your friend I can message you in private.

  • No he doesn't so stop being a pussy and get the fuck over it. Damn bitches. Asshole

    • you're a jackass, that's no way to talk to someone who's trying to get over a difficult time, have some respect.

    • He sounds like he's sitting too. Probably for the same reason. It's ok. I expected some rude people by posting it on the internet.

    • Hurting. Not sitting. Fat thumbs

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