So Rick (known 4 years) left & I called him to say goodbye... (I think he knew it was me- is that possible?)

>> I usually would not do this but I wanted to be sure to close that part of my life- at least for now, & he said he would come say good bye, & he ALWAYS follows through...except this time- I don't know why, he said he is not good with good byes , but figure you get GOOD at things when you CARE - right?

Anyways I called him & it was weird, he picked up the phone RIGHT AWAY & he answered as if he knew it was me...i waited two weeks till after he left & he does not know the number I called from, how did he know lol

So we talked a but & he apologized for not seeing me before he left- I did not raise it...he just said, he was sorry - he was not good with good bye's- he does not seem like a very shy person to me tho, so I don't know if that was a lie...

Anyways he asked me if I had his email- he said he thought he gave it time- he never did , but wouldn't he remember that if it mattered, so I felt like he was only giving it to me to be polite...

He asked me to write, but again, I thought he felt like he should.

So. 1 wouldn't you say good bye if you cared- - even if it was hard?

1b) Do you think he LIED about being BAD with good bye's?

2. What are the chances you think he KNEW it was me?

3. Wouldn't he keep track of of he gave me his email- if he cared?

3b) Do you think he gave it to me just to be polite?

5 Do you think he asked me to write, just to be polite?

6 Do yo think he was really freaked out , or mad that I called?

( it was his home town , he left from school for the next year)


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What Guys Said 1

  • if you knew about the break up, then there's no need to do it again, regardless of what the person says...breaks up are not like the Treaty of Versailles


What Girls Said 1

  • 1b: I don't think he lied. Guys are, more often than not, rubbish when it comes to the emotional stuff.

    2: If he picked up right away, maybe he was hoping it was you. I don't really know the situation, but it would be my guess.

    3: Guys do not remember things like that! Honestly! They don't keep track of that stuff. Girls do. Men don't.

    4: If he didn't want to hear from you again, he would NOT give you his email. It was not out of politeness. He wants you to have his email, and keep in contact.

    5: If you have known him for 4 years, wouldn't writing to each other be the norm? Write to him, just wait a while!

    6: Like I said, I do not know the situation, but 4 years? I don't think he was mad. Is he an ex boyfriend/friend/fwb/love interest?

    • He is all of the above. &yes it would be the norm, but we have a rocky history ..nothing bad that anyone did , just tons of miscommunication. & I just do not want to lose his trust.

      thank you :) oh actually no technically not an ex we never broke up I just moved around a lot.

    • Well, then I don't think you should worry too much! Sometimes men are very difficult to communicate with, I find. The ones I fall for tend to find it hard to say how they feel, which is probably why I fall for them in the first place. I would say email him, keep in contact. Even if you can just be friends, you don't know what will happen in the future when you're both a bit older and more settled.

      And, you're welcome :) Hope it works out!

    • Thank you very much :)

      Have a nice day*

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