Girls, Would you ever give a ex a 2nd chance would made no effect to make your relationship work?

Lady's if you had a ex who made no effect to make your relationship work so you dumped him. then 1 year late now he's texting you making dumb excuses would you give him a 2nd chance? You spent 5 and half months trying to make it work with your ex but he wouldn't text or talk too you would u even waste your time with him? Am not jelly or anything but my friend ex wants her back after he wouldn't even talk to her for almost 5 months.. which she tried making it work but he had nothing but excuses like life hard or I had college work to do.


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  • He's still going to repeat the same thing.. .. she should save herself the stress.. .. But I wish my ex would beg for me too
    ...😢😢but anyways she should not give him a chance anymore


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