Was it me or him?

There's this boy I really love I tell him everything and I do mean everything I hide nothing from him cause who can build a relationship from no trust? Anywhoo.. He used to say he loves me like everyday and then I noticed he just stopped so I told him one day I love him and he just said yeah.. the next day I tried the same thing and he just said OK.. so I asked him why he's not saying it anymore and he told me "love is a strong word whenever I say it it always backfires on me" Then I was on my aim and on his status thing its saying how much he loves another girl.. Did I do something wrong? Cause he's making it seem like I'm expecting too much when really all I want is for him to love me and be there for me like I've been for him.. What's his problem and what do I do? Please help


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  • You have done nothing wrong hun.. by the sounds of things he has just gotten bored with the relationship and as realised what it means when you tell someone you love them. If he wrote something about how much he loves another girl and he can't even say ''i love you'' to you, I think you might have to end the relationship, you deserve someone who loves you


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