How should I act around him?

He still wants to be friends after rejecting me. I'm pretty much over it, I wasn't in that deep since I told him just as we were becoming good friends. I'm going to see him again soon (with other mutual friends). We hadn't talked for like a month after and I slightly feel like he's acting cold towards me now. I really don't care but I don't want to be the one that messes up a friendship. Should I just resort back to being goofy and friendly with him when I see him instead of being awkwardly quiet hoping he feels my resentment


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  • Yes when the relationship doesn't work out when you gave it your ALL, it's always going to work out on a less level called friendship.

    Girl listen, you benefit nothing from being his 'friend', he rejected you which is basically saying 'I think I can do better than you' and 'the only way I'll return to you is when I'm down on luck and have my other shenanigans with girls have failed' ... hence the friendship card.

    If you wanna go in circles and all the unnecessary drama, friendship is where you at.

    If I were you, I would give this guy a boot for life and move on to bigger and better things.

    • The truth is bitter but that's honestly how I feel. Thanks for this

  • I think you know your answer as you have already analysed this yourself In the way he is acting the friendship seems to have died with the relationship Friends don't treat each other in this way If he wants to keep you on the hook and trying harder to make this work It's time for you to take control

  • act friendly..


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