Has a break up made you feel good about yourself?

So, a friend of mine has just recently broken up with her ex. She's told me that she's been happier after getting drunk. She's been out each week. Everything's amicable between her and her ex now , they're just friends. She's gained a little confidence in herself, then when she was with her boyfriend. Like before she wouldn't wear clothes like crop tops etc cause she's be too self conscious but now shed go out wearing them and stuff
Oh yeah forgot to add they've been dating for over a year and half. And I've notified an improvement in herself. (she does have anxiety, and recently been diagnosed with depression)


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  • Well.. kinda?
    I mean, I was a wreck for ~2 years post-breakup. Then I met my current boyfriend and, over the first few months we spent together, it started to get better. Because of how horribly my ex had treated me, I not only was able to have a whole new appreciation for my current one, but I also felt like I had a much easier time at being confident in what I would accept or not accept from a partner. I was way more confident in being open with my boyfriend about what wasn't cool with me and all- no more beating around the bush. My ex helped me realize that, at the end of the day, I'm the one I should value the most. Rather than putting myself through emotional turmoil for the benefit of another.
    (so... tldr- indirectly, my last breakup did help me come out as a better, more confident person.)


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  • not for me... my breakup caused me to become kinda mentally unstable... and quite indifferent to feelings... and i started to like destructiveness more than ever...
    haha funny... i know all this yet i jst can't find a way to get to normal state... i jst miss her so much... her style, her childish behavior... everything... 🙂


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